Some odd emails: "agnosticide@..." Whoa. "yestheyrereal98@..." Heh, yes, I did look up her Phoenix, alas.

Hydrologists seem to consistently have violent reactions to organizers for some reason. And there actually is a paid job called "bingo auditor."

Look up "commerce" on One of the definitions I find hilarious.

Some organizers leave off "ed" and "s" suffixes in their doesn't seem to be an accent thing, I think they just have trouble literacywise with tenses and multiples, as it were.

Funny abbreviation: highway ops tech = H.O.T.

So if managers threaten their employees with firing for talking to the union, and can't back it up, can they get in trouble for lying? Haven't figured out all the ins and outs of that yet.

quickly dashed out post

Mecca Temple is a real name. Also, inexplicably, but truely, Blade Braveheart. I kid you not. Lucedes sounds like a Mexican made Mercedes. Emivina-Marie is kind of pretty, as is Lucyrene, it almost sounds like a Greek goddess if you pronounce it right. Zedrick is just kind of funny.

"no1hotreadhead@..." and "polegobler@..." made me blink...does the latter eat Poles, or just love bj's?

Funny last name: Barefoot-Goodykoontz. No joke.

It's also interesting how people seem to compulsively abbreviate their cities: Phx, Tcn, LHC, BHC, Kgm, AJ. People from our state are lazy.

I heard a Spanish version of Grease today. Can't say I particularly went for it.

And the new person with the southern accent? Please stop saying the word "pile" like "paaaahl." I will smack you.

Inadvertent misspellings for the day: "wizzle blower" and "visionly impaired."

Aurea and Eustolia are kind of pretty and unusual; Alexsis seems a bit overwrought, and Estee reminds me of rockets.

"booplove69@..." made me raise an eyebrow, and "sleepydoodle@..." sounded cute.

How can one complain of wages as "poverty level" at 20+ dollars an hour? Seriously.

I left some water in a cup with "Mahalakshmi" written on it, on that theory that says if a water container has a positive word on it, the water/ice will take on a different character. And after the weekend it had a hella odd taste, on the verge of describable, but not (like Chaga ;) ). Maybe it was just a stray bacteria effect or something, but maybe not.

oogh, not feeling well

Did notice some interesting names, though: Concepcion seems like it might be kind of awkward at times. Shaquita is a bit funny, I have to say, Nianma sounds kind of like a made-up Southeast Asian country, and Luzmilda looks like an interesting Mexi-German combo. Emilse....just doesn't sound pretty, I suppose. And Ms. Killman, are you an angry lesbot, or just generally intimidating to men?

Isn't it interesting how "at" or "@" are used to indicate both time and space? Like, "met at 9am at Taco Bell." I think that must say something about space-time. Can't muster up anything clever, though.

Clever email starters: "Ikicksquirrels@..." and "myaccountisfull@...."

The boss had her ringtone prank-changed to a child screaming its head off. Hilarious, and also slightly terrifying when it breaks the silence in a small room.

Apparently unions are against Jehovah's Witnessism after all, as per this reason drop request: "Religious beliefs based on the Bible's Teaching of God's Kingdom being the only solution to all of mankind's problems including injustice."

weekend catchup

Mexican accents have also made me smile, like when the word "supposedly" always comes out as "suposably."

Kizzy is kind of a cute first name, and Mr. Kornfiend simply has to be a metal fan, whether he likes it or not. Eidolina is kind of disturbing if you've read any 40k novels recently, and also interestingly is related to a word meaning "phantom, or apparition." I thought Brock was a name only used in television, and Zaqueena, Lauranetta, and Lectrice are interesting first names, too. River Forest (first/last) I'm guessing was named by environmentalists.

The secretary they've recently hired is pretty slow at learning things, which would be okay if she didn't have a personality that seems to exude not taking responsibility for things. As it is, we've heard her kind of badmouthing things/people instead of just getting better at her duties. Sadness.

Funny virus: popping up icons for "gay fetish porn" and "raunchy gay sex" all over the tiny pirate co-worker's desktop; when you delete the icon, it just pops back up again.

Laziest organizer statement ever: "Unfortunately, I don't remember much of our conversation." Ass. Why make us have to file that useless bit?

NYD supplemental

This organizer statement baffled me:
"(EO) Reached Bertha on cell phone. Not very receptive, but explained that she's not been feeling well and isn't on speaking terms. I apologized for bother her during this uncomfortable time, she said: "that's OK, you didn't know." She said again she wasn't on speaking terms. I said I would get in touch gagin sometime later in the month."
She's not on speaking terms with....the world?

Funny emails: "itspepsidammit@..." and "satansluvchild@..."


What would happen if an ant walked into an area charged with static electricity? Maybe nothing, but how would the ant perceive it, I wonder? (the thought in my head upon seeing the odd daily ant visitor)

Candelaria is an interesting name, but I wouldn't want to be named it. Kind of ditto with Darwin as a first name (never really liked the Marvel character of the same name, either). Veronica Bravo and Venus Fallen sound like awesome heroine names, on the other hand. Or porn stars. Whatevs.

It's funny to see women lying about their age on cards they turn in (seeing how the age shifts over time to younger dates, on multiple cards). Seems silly to me, no one will ever really notice it, but I get that it's important enough to do, for them.